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Mini Mealworms are the larvae of the tenerbrio molitar beetle. Their diet is vegetarian which means that they are safe to feed to animals and birds without passing on the potentially fatal diseases present in meat fed larvae such as maggots.

Mini mealworms consist of 48% crude protein and 40% fat.

Mini mealworms are clean, odourless and relatively inexpensive livefood, rich in protein and easy to store. Mini mealworms are popular as livefood for many species of cage birds and garden birds.

These tender young mini mealworms are excellent rearing food for many species of birds and are also readily taken by many small to medium-sized reptiles and amphibian. Mini mealworms are removed from their feeding containers at an early stage in their development but compare just as well with ‘regular’ mini mealworms in terms of storage qualities and shelf life.

At 22C the mini mealworms will grown to full size in probably as little as three weeks. If stored at above 22 C mini mealworms will do what comes naturally and pupate very quickly. Up to 500g of mini mealworms can be stored in our own storage box, which has a mesh bottom to provide ventilation and a reversible lid to capture waste (which makes great organic fertilizer).

Mini mealworms are taken straight from the breeding rooms where they are then preparing for sale to ensure maximum freshness. Only a breeder has such total control over product and is thus able to guarantee both quality and freshness.

Mini mealworms are available in clear plastic tubs for easy feeding and storage or you can buy mini mealworms in bulk sacks which is more economical.

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